Why work with us

Working conditions


  • Full / Part-time employment
  • Flexible working schedule (there are core mandatory hours)
  • Ability to work remotely upon agreement with colleagues
  • Paid sick leave
  • 20 paid vacation days per year


  • Internal workshops & presentations
  • 50 percent paid for English classes
  • Compensation for educational seminars, tickets for visited exhibitions, and conferences


  • High-level compensation and regular performance-based salary and career development reviews
  • Financial support for your important life events (wedding, childbirth, etc.)
  • Multitasking & Personal performance bonuses
  • Bonuses for internal training delivery
  • Relocation bonus
  • PE accounting and support
  • Overtime compensation


  • Friendly team and enjoyable working environment
  • Transparent organizational structure and communication
  • Lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement
  • Convenient corporate services
  • Parties, team-buildings, and social networking
  • Free tea, coffee, and snacks in the kitchen


We’re not lying when we talk about the importance of transparency at Sirin Software. All relations between team members (developers, management, everyone) are built on it. It is essential for all of us to talk openly and share opinions or ideas freely, so everyone can achieve their goals and know what and how to improve.

During this period you can discover the company, it's culture and internal policies, the main goal of your project, the communication with the customer, and determine your role in the project and company. This is a period for us to get to know each other better.
Welcome Day
First week meeting with HR & PM
First month meeting
Perfomance review & management
Three-month meeting. The end of the probation period.
Two-sided review on the probation period.
Discussing your personal goals and what opportunities the company has to help you achieve them.
Half-a-Year meeting
Two-sided feedback and action steps to improve cooperation. Employee feedback influences management just as management feedback and customer feedback influences employee performance.
1 Year meeting & Review. *IDP start. Rotation
Discussion of possibilities for changing your role, responsibilities, profiling, and changing your project.
Development & Trainings
After 1 year cooperation, meetings are provided twice a year every 6 months to keep both of us 
in touch.

Requested meeting

An unscheduled meeting at your request in order to solve issues or implement new ideas for change.

* The IDP (Individual Development Plan) may be started upon your request at every stage of cooperation. It is the plan for your career development over the next period, usually one year, to match your individual goals with company goals

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